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What is a Kava Bar?

What is a kava bar

What is a Kava Bar? What’s a kava Bar Like? These are questions we hear again and again, as the rise in popularity of Kava and Kava bars continues.

To put simply, a Kava Bar is non-alcoholic bar or lounge, that serves Kava, a traditional South Pacific chilled drink that looks and taste like mud, and gives drinks a full body sensation of relaxation.

Hold up though… Can any business that sells or serves Kava be considered a Kava Bar?

A real Kava Bar is an establishment that serves traditional Kava, does not serve any alcohol, and offers a relaxing, low-light and low-key social environment to consume Kava. All Kava Bars have a “Bar” that patrons can sit and drink Kava, and most are decorated with a South Pacific theme or inspiration. They’re typically open later in the day (around noon) and close late into the night (after midnight).

No, not in our books. While there aren’t any strict rules and anyone can call themselves a “kava bar” — there are universal “guidelines” on what a Kava Bar should and shouldn’t be based on traditional Kava Bars and Rituals spanning thousands of years in the south pacific islands of Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga.

Kava Bars Are Places Where

  • You can order & consume Kava
  • You can go to relax and unwind
  • Kava is served in a shell or bowl
  • You’re encouraged to not let others shell alone.
  • You and others yell BULA before or after drinking a Kava Shell
  • NO Alcohol is sold or served.
  • They’re open late
  • You find many smiles, laughter and mellow atmosphere
  • You go to enjoy good company
  • You can go to get remote work done in the day
  • You can go to socialize and hangout at night

There are hundreds of Kava Bars all around the country: Click Here to find a Kava Bar near you, grab a shell and BULA!