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    William Kirsche April 6, 2024

    Pretty good spot.

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    Caleb Melville April 6, 2024

    In response to the comment left by Gavin, I feel compelled to share my experience and perspective regarding Midtown Kava Lounge. Contrary to the allegations made, my interactions with the establishment, its owner, and the clientele have been nothing but positive and stand in sharp contrast to the depicted scenario.

    Midtown Kava Lounge distinguishes itself significantly from other local bars such as Kavakaze and Kameleon Kava, offering a unique atmosphere that caters to a more mature demographic. The owner, a respected disabled veteran who is known to drive a black Tesla, has fostered a welcoming environment that upholds the highest standards of legality and community engagement. At no point have I encountered any behavior or offerings that would suggest the sale or endorsement of illegal substances. On the contrary, the lounge is a hub for professional networking, where individuals from various sectors in Tallahassee gather to form meaningful connections.

    The pricing at Midtown Kava Lounge is notably fair, especially considering the economic challenges faced by many today, including widespread price hikes. This aspect, coupled with the quality of service and products offered, makes the lounge an attractive venue for those seeking to engage with a sophisticated crowd without breaking the bank.

    For anyone looking to immerse themselves in Tallahassee's professional community and connect with individuals who value integrity, respect, and meaningful interaction, Midtown Kava Lounge is the place to be. The allegations made in Gavin's comment do not reflect the true nature of this establishment or its owner, and I confidently recommend Midtown Kava Lounge to those seeking a reputable and enriching social venue.

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    Ash February 17, 2024

    Drinks are good love the atmosphere, prices are OK I think that $17 for an 8 ounce drink is definitely crazy but the other drink prices are OK.

  • Avatar
    Maddy January 5, 2024

    Love this place!!

  • Avatar
    Augusta January 5, 2024

    Great atmosphere, all the staff is very friendly and attentive!