Discover The Best Kava Bars Near You

Have a Shell of Kava. Relax. Socialize. Have Fun! No alcohol required.

What is Kava?

Kava, kava kava, awa, ava, yaqona or sakau are all names used for an ancient tropical shrub (plant) from the South Pacific. The Kava beverage is a relaxing, chilled tea using the roots and has been enjoyed across islands in the South Pacific for thousands of years.

Drinking Kava promotes happiness and peace in your mind, soul, and body. Kava is neither intoxicating, like alcohol, nor does it create restlessness, like coffee. It has a 3,200-year history of use as a safe and effective way to promote a state of mental well-being that is accompanied by marked physical relaxation. Expect to feel relaxed, at peace, and ready to socialize.

What is a Kava Bar?

A Kava Bar (kah-vuh bahr) is a non-alcoholic bar or lounge that serves Kava — a bitter chilled tea that gives drinkers a full body sensation of relaxation and wellbeing. Kava bars offer a place for people to come together, relax, socialize and unwind with Kava.