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  • Chris January 16, 2023

    I'm in real estate and swing by this Kava bar regularly to grab a tea to go and down a shell. The kavatender is always nice and fast.

  • Michael January 13, 2023

    We are truly fortunate to have Tribal Kava Bar in our community! This place is outstanding. I've had the pleasure of visiting multiple times and I've consistently received exceptional service from the staff. They are all incredibly kind and generous. The furniture is also a nice touch, making it a very comfortable place to relax. Overall, I highly recommend Tribal Kava Bar and give it a solid 5 stars.

  • Robert January 12, 2023

    As a remote worker, I'm always on the lookout for comfortable and quiet spots to get my work done. I recently discovered Tribal Kava Bar and it's quickly become my go-to spot for a productive work day. The atmosphere is cozy and peaceful, and the staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating. The wifi connection is fast and stable, which is essential for my work. I also appreciate the great kava drinks, it helps me to keep my focus and energy. I especially appreciate that they offer a comfortable seating area and power outlets. I highly recommend Tribal Kava Bar to anyone looking for a great spot to work remotely.

  • Sam J. January 11, 2023

    I been a regular at Tribal Kava Bar for years and I'm thrilled to see that they opened a new location! This new location is just as great as the original. The staff is just as friendly and welcoming, and the kava is just as strong and relaxing. I'm so excited to have another location to visit and I can't wait to come back!

  • Emma January 8, 2023

    Last night I had a girls' night out at Tribal Kava Bar, and it was amazing! The staff was so friendly and the strawberry peach kratom teas were delicious. We had a great time catching up and laughing in the cozy seating area. I will definitely be back soon with my girl friends.