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NovelTea is a cozy and humble tea house located in Maitland, Florida. They offer a variety of teas that you can enjoy as a French press, as well as Kava and Kratom. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing, with soft ambient music playing in the background. The staff is friendly and courteous, making it a great place to spend your free time with friends or by yourself.

NovelTea features a pool table and hosts different events every night, from Magic Mondays to Open Mic Fridays with live performances. Sometimes, they even have bands playing on Saturdays. The prices are in the middle range of other tea houses, but the Kratom and Kava are stronger than many of the more expensive options.

The community that frequents NovelTea is often filled with intellectual and interesting people, making it a great place for inspiration and socializing. It’s also a great place to find a quiet corner to work on projects or enjoy a good book. NovelTea is a fantastic place that provides a valuable service to its community.




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