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Zenva Kava Bar is a contemporary art gallery and kava bar located in Winter Park, Florida that offers customers the chance to enjoy handcrafted kava and tea mocktails without the harmful effects of alcohol. Zenva aims to offer a space where people can connect with others and engage in meaningful conversations.

The bar serves high-quality kava, botanical teas, kombucha, coffee, and other natural botanicals. Customers can choose from red, green, and white vein teas, each with unique effects on the body and mind. Kava is a root from the pepper plant, Piper Methysticum, which is native to the Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific and has been consumed ceremonially for over 3,000 years. Zenva’s kavatenders are knowledgeable and offer guidance on the benefits of kava and how to consume it.

The bar is open for various activities, including live music, local DJs, and daily drink specials. The establishment has a dog-friendly patio featuring an indoor-outdoor bar. The bar has received excellent customer reviews, with several praising the staff’s knowledge and friendly service. The bar is located off Park Avenue in downtown Winter Park and has nearby food and shops.

What The Reviews Say

Overall, the customer reviews are positive and recommend visiting Zenva Kava & Tea Bar for a great night out. Customers find the atmosphere and vibe amazing and perfect for relaxing and hanging out with friends, love the tasty, high-quality, and delicious kava and Z tea mocktails, and are pleased with the friendly and attentive staff, smooth hookah, and the recommendation of starter cocktails. Zenva Kava & Tea Bar is recommended as one of the best kava and tea bars in Orlando, with great quality kava, no gritty texture, and a clean environment.




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    February 11, 2023 at 3:40 am

    love love loved the kava, so relaxing and chill vibes. BULA all day!

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