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Hot Off the Press: Florida Health Departments Keeping a Keen Eye on Kava Bars!

Hot Off the Press: Florida Health Departments Keeping a Keen Eye on Kava Bars!

I’ve got a fresh brew of gossip (or should I say, Kava) to serve up today. If the recent NYC Health Department’s Kavasutra saga wasn’t hint enough, whispers are now swirling that Florida’s Health Departments are also zooming in on the inner workings of our cherished Kava bars. Remember, you didn’t get this from me! 😉

You remember that snug little Kava bar in Martin County you might have frequented a couple of times? Yep, the unnamed one that’s been a hotspot for Kava lovers. Word on the street is, they had some surprise guests over recently – nope, not TikTok influencers or Instagram celebrities – but the health department! And they weren’t there just for the Kava. They dropped in unannounced to check out the sanitary conditions, examine how the products were whipped up, took a peek at storage conditions, and even snagged a few product samples for lab testing. Talk about thorough!

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As much as we relish our under-the-radar, cozy Kava nooks, it’s clear as day that the rapid growth of this industry means that the wild west, laissez-faire days might just be on their way out. And honestly? I’m here for it. We’ve all heard whispers of those few Kava bars that might be a little…let’s say, shady about their ingredients or might be cutting a corner or two to save some greens. And while I’m all for small businesses thriving and not having Big Brother peering over their shoulder, when it comes to what we’re putting into our bodies, I’ll admit – a little oversight doesn’t hurt. It just takes one bad shell to stir the pot, doesn’t it?

So, my dear Kava community, with the industry evolving, it’s time for all our favorite haunts to step up their game. Quality, transparency, and sticking to best practices should be the name of the game.

Now, here’s where YOU come in! 🕵️‍♂️

Have you heard any juicy tidbits about Kava bars? Maybe you’ve got that insider scoop that’s been burning a hole in your pocket? Spill the beans! Send all your rooty, intriguing details our way. Hit us up at or drop a sneaky text at 321-321-4771. And don’t you worry – we’re all about the secrecy here. Your tip-off will be 100% anonymous and confidential.

Until next time, sip safely, and keep those ears to the ground! 🍵✨

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