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Overseas Organix – Is this the best Kratom extract in 2023?

Overseas Organix – Is this the best Kratom extract in 2023?

Kratom is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, which has traditionally been used as a natural remedy for pain relief, relaxation and boosting energy. In recent years, its popularity has grown exponentially in the west due to its potential health benefits. But with so many different kratom extracts available on the market, it can be hard to determine which one is best for you. One popular kratom extract that has gained a lot of attention lately on Reddit and in the Kava Bar community is Overseas Organix M80 Liquid Kratom Extract.

What is Overseas Organix M80 Liquid Kratom Extract?

So what is Overseas Organix Liquid Kratom Extract? Overseas Organix 80% Mitragynine Liquid Kratom M80 is a high-concentration extract that is designed to be added to beverages such as coffee, tea, or juice. It is made using a proprietary method that does not involve harsh solvents or heat, and it has a much less bitter taste than other liquid kratom extracts. The extract is available in shots (12mL vial) or wholesale by the gallon, and can be taken in small doses for greater control over dosage. Overseas Organix claims that their product is of high quality and purity and that it is quickly absorbed by the body for fast results.

Pros and Cons of Overseas Organix Kratom Extract

How does Overseas Organix compare to other liquid kratom extracts? Here are some pros and cons of using Overseas Organix Liquid Kratom Extract:

Overseas Organix Kratom Extract has many potential benefits, including:

  • High Concentration – This extract is 80% Mitragynine, making it one of the highest concentrations available.
  • Fast Absorption – The liquid form of this extract is quickly absorbed into the body for fast results.
  • Variety of Formats – The extract is available in shot vial, gallon containers, and powder.
  • Quality & Transparency — The company offers detailed information about the source and lab testing results of their product. Their bottles are also transparent to see the clarity for yourself.
  • Taste Better – Less bitter taste than other liquid extracts, so its easier to consume.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks of Overseas Organix Kratom Extract as well:

  • Too Strong – Some users may find that the 80% concentration is too strong for them.
  • Availability – The product is currently only available through their website.
  • Price – The extract is more expensive than most other liquid kratom extracts on the market.

Safe Use — How to Use Overseas Organix Kratom Extract Safely

Back Label of Overseas Organix Liquid Kratom Extract M80 Shot



Due to its high concentration, it is important to use Overseas Organix Kratom Extract safely and responsibly. It is recommended that you start with a low dose (1 to 2 mL for newbies, or 4mL for regular extract users) to test your tolerance before gradually increasing. This is especially important if you are new to kratom extracts as they are more powerful than regular powder. It’s also important to follow all directions on the packaging, as well as any recommendations from your healthcare provider.

Medical Disclaimer Regarding Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their potential health benefits, however these products should be used with caution. Kratom has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA for medical use and there is limited scientific evidence regarding its safety or effectiveness. There are reports of toxicity resulting from the use of kratom extracts, so it is important to use the product responsibly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What is Overseas Organix? Who are they? Are they legit?

Overseas Organix Logo

Overseas Organix is a family-owned and operated botanical items organization founded in 2016 and located in Melbourne, Florida. They strive to provide quality kratom to their customers and give back to South-East Asia by donating 10% of their profits to Jfams in Thailand, who put 100% of the funds towards helping people and children in need. They are certified by the American Kratom Association and the Gi-BMP and have a commitment to customer safety and sustainability.

Company is renowned for its positive feedback, and committed to providing customers with the purest kratom extracts presently available. Each batch of extract undergoes laboratory testing for accuracy and strength, plus you can access comprehensive test results instantly by scanning the QR code on each bottle.

What The Internet Says about Overseas Organix

Overall, customer reviews of Overseas Organix Kratom Extract are generally positive. Customers appreciate the high concentration of Mitragynine and the variety of formats it is available in. Customers also appreciate the transparent bottles and lab testing process for quality assurance. Most reviews report that the product is effective, however some customers have complained about an unpleasant bitter taste, which may be due to the high concentration of Mitragynine.

JoeyTalks on YouTube said “If you’re someone who enjoys kratom extracts, this is a product you’ll want to check out. It’s very strong and should only be used by seasoned kratom users or those who want to try them out. I wouldn’t recommend this product for someone who is new to kratom.
Spencer’s Botanical Spotlight on YouTube said “The best kratom extract I’ve had so far! I definitely recommend this brand over any smoke shop brand. especially better than OPMS!”

Other Notable Customer Reviews

  • “Excellent product. Very smooth the taste is better than any other product on the market and I feel that it’s on par with MIT’s, OPMS, etc at a much better price. Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a substitute for liquid extracts purchased locally. Product was packaged with customer in mind. As always a perfect five out of five for Overseas Organix. If you arent purchasing your Kratom from them, you need to start.” — Luke Underwood, 5/5 Stars from Google Review
  • “Wow!!! MIT45 has nothing on this. I swear it is twice as strong… lol.” — Mike, 5/5 Stars from OverseasOrganix
  • “I’ve been waiting for something like this! I have a very high tolerance to extract. Most of them don’t do it for me. But this one does. The product is clean, the effects are everything that I was looking for – energy, euphoria, and help with my back pain. Try it out, and you’ll see for yourself!” — Christina, 5/5 Stars from OverseasOrganix
  • “One of the best liquid shots can get 2 uses from this, and it kicks in fast even with a full stomach” — Dan, 5/5 Stars from OverseasOrganix
  • “Absolutely amazing. This is by far the cleanest feeling, looking, and tasting extract I have had. I’ve tried extract from many small-batch vendors and just about every kind you can find at a smoke shop or gas station, and this is my favorite. Just a warm sense of euphoria and pain relief from only 1/3 of a bottle. If you’re looking into trying these, I recommend that you go ahead and give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.” — Hunter Beck, 5/5 Stars from OverseasOrganix
  • “These guys are some of the best that I’ve had recently! The extract just slaps and all 4 strains were winners with me.. I’m glad I ordered 16oz of the GMD, gonna keep it stashed and sealed for a later time.. extract wise, they and MitraMike are as good as it gets” — Reddit, u/Fun_Advantage2920
  • “The extract is fire! Exactly what I was looking for, very clean and strong effects due to a more narrow alkaloid focus. It’s easy on my stomach and the effects seem to last a while. Sublingually is the way to go for me to get the most bang for my buck. 75mg has been working great for me!” Reddit, u/ObjectiveBorn7095

Pricing & 10% Discount

Overseas Organix offers competitive pricing for their Kratom Extracts. A 10ml liquid extract shot ranges between $15-20/vial, or about $5 per dose. Wholesale gallons are $1,600-1,800/gallon, or $1.69 per dose. For the level of quality you get with Overseas Organix , these prices are a great deal.

At the time of writing this article, Overseas Organix is offering a 10% discount on all orders placed through their website using the code “BestKavaBar10”. Limited time only.

Bottom line — Overseas Organix is One of the Best

Overall, Overseas Organix M80 Liquid Kratom Extract is an effective and high-quality product that has been proven to provide the desired effects. With its high concentration, lab-tested quality, and fast absorption rate, it is a great choice for those seeking an enhanced experience with Kratom. It has also been praised by customers for its clean taste, affordability and overall satisfaction. This product is available at a competitive price and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best Kratom extract on the market. Don’t forget you can use the coupon code “BestKavaBar10” for an additional 10% off your order!

So if you’re looking for a great Kratom extract, you can’t go wrong with Overseas Organix. It is definitely one of the best on the market and well worth trying out. So get it now before its too late and experience the power of one of the best Kratom extracts available. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

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