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Help Us Find The Best Kava Bars of 2024! Join our Secret “Shellers” Program!

Bula Kava Konnoisseurs,

We’ve all been there. That perfect kava moment, when you step into a bar, and everything just feels… right. The ambiance is inviting, the brew is divine, and you’re enveloped in a cocoon of kava-induced serenity. But how often do we get to experience that? And more importantly, how do we know which kava bars truly stand out from the rest?

Enter the BestKavaBar Secret Shopper Program. You heard that right, we’re going undercover!

What’s Brewing at BestKavaBar?

Starting from August 15th right through to the end of the year, has embarked on a mission – to find, celebrate, and recognize the crème de la crème of America’s kava bars. This isn’t just about locating the bars; it’s about ensuring that these paradises of kava delight meet the golden standards we all desire.

As German Calas, our very own Kava Guru at, humorously puts it, “The more the merrier, but quality over quantity, always! We’re blending the two to make sure every sip you take is pure ecstasy.” (Okay, we added the “Kava Guru” part, but it fits, doesn’t it?)

Why Should You Care?

Apart from the obvious (who wouldn’t want to know about the best kava bars out there?), here’s what this program promises to delve into:

  • Customer Experience: Does the staff know their kava? How responsive and friendly are they?
  • Product Standards: Does the kava make your taste buds do the tango? How about the rest of the menu?
  • Ambiance: Would you call it your second home? Is it cozy and inviting?
  • Operational Bits: How long did you wait? Was everything spick and span?
  • Menu Delights: Clarity, variety, and bang for your buck.
  • Best Practices: Are they upholding the golden standards of kava culture? Especially the big chains.
  • Engagement & Accessibility: How are they luring in the kava crowd? Is it easy to get there and dive in?

Not just that, our stealthy shoppers will be clicking pics and shooting vids to give all of us a sneak peek into these joints.


Be Our Kava Shellin’ Spy

Fancy yourself as a bit of a detective? Or just love your kava? Here’s the fun part – you can be our secret shopper!

We’ve got some tempting incentives (think free kava and some cool cash for your media additions). If you’re nodding away, head over to our platform and throw your hat in the ring. And don’t worry, while your role is out in the open, your identity remains hush-hush.

The Big Finale

Post the hush-hush visits, we’ll do a deep dive into the data, figure out the stars of the show, and loop in the owners with feedback. And then? Drum roll, please… the BestKavaBar Awards in January 2024!

Join the Movement

Let’s redefine the kava experience together. Dive deep into the world of kava, celebrate its wonders, and ensure that every sip, every moment is nothing short of perfection.

Jump into the secret mission now!

Click Here To Learn More & Sign Up

Cheers to the perfect kava blend! 🍵

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