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Da Kine’s Kava is an alternative non-alcoholic bar located on West Chapel Hill Street in Durham, North Carolina, United States. The establishment offers dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery services to its customers. The founders of Da Kine’s Kava, Brent Waffle and Zoey Best, created the establishment to provide a relaxed social environment and natural stress-relieving drinks for everyone to enjoy.

The atmosphere at Da Kine’s Kava is described as cozy, playful, and clean, making it a great spot for an afternoon work session or a night out with friends. The selection of beverages is excellent, and customers have praised the delicious taste of the drinks, including the Hibiscus Lemonade Kava and Blue Oahu cocktail.

In addition to the great selection of drinks, the establishment is known for being warm and welcoming to both new customers and regulars. They also host events such as potlucks, adding to the sense of community within the establishment.

Da Kine’s Kava is a delightful experience that offers a great selection of tasty and natural beverages, a relaxed atmosphere, and a welcoming community.



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