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Kavasutra Kava Bar (North Palm Beach) is a traditional Kava Bar North Palm Beach / Palm Beach Gardens and is part of the Kavasutra chain of Kava Bars. They serve Kava in a variety of forms: traditional kava, kava cocktails, kava shots and their specialty Kava drink — Ed Shell. They also serve Kratom Teas and Powder, herbal teas and soft drinks.

This Kavasutra is fairly small compared to other Kava Bars in the area, and only offers bar seating and limited outdoor seating.

Kavasutra Kava Bar (North Palm Beach) is located on Northlake Blvd, at 450 Northlake Blvd #5, North Palm Beach, Florida — right next to Palm Beach Gardens. They’re open everyday from 10am to 2am and parking is free.



Reviews (10)

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    March 25, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    Great atmosphere, but some of the kava drinks were too expensive for my liking. The staff was friendly though, especially Jose who helped me choose an affordable option.

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    March 19, 2023 at 8:19 am

    I recently visited this kava bar, and I had a great time! The bartenders, Aniel and Nicole, were very knowledgeable and recommended some great kava drinks. The atmosphere was very chill, and the music was not too loud. I will definitely be back.

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    March 19, 2023 at 12:30 am

    Great service! I came in with a couple of friends who recommended Kava for its calming effects, and the bar did not disappoint! The bar tenders, Aniel and Jose, were very knowledgeable and provided great recommendations for our first time.

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    Tommy Nguyen
    March 17, 2023 at 3:11 pm

    The kava here is very strong and effective. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, especially Aniel and Jose. The music was a bit loud, but it was still a great place to chill.

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    Kevin Davis
    March 11, 2023 at 11:47 am

    If you’re looking for a place to relax with your friends, this is it. The music was eclectic, the kava was potent, and the staff were very friendly. I would recommend this bar to anyone. Shoutout to Jared for hooking us up with some great kava.

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    Seth Jackson
    February 25, 2023 at 9:35 pm

    Kavabar is a great place to chill with friends. The music was not too loud, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. I’ve been to many kava bars, but this one stands out because of the friendly service and tasty kava. Shoutout to Nicole!

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    February 2, 2023 at 10:13 am

    This kava bar is awesome! The staff is super friendly, and the kava is always fresh and potent. I especially enjoyed talking to bartender (forgot their name but starts with a J) who gave me some great recommendations. I would definitely recommend this bar to anyone looking for a chill place to hang out.

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    Reginald Landsheer
    January 25, 2023 at 12:25 am

    Love the unique blend of Polynesian and modern decor.

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    January 17, 2023 at 9:21 am

    The atmosphere was really uncomfortable. It was really dark and dingy, and there were some questionable characters hanging around. Not a safe or pleasant place to be.

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    January 8, 2023 at 3:13 am

    Sutra is a great place to hang out. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and the staff is always nice. I especially enjoyed talking to Javier, who was very knowledgeable about the different types of kava.

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