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Mad Hatter Kava is a popular kava and tea bar located in Oasis at the Islands in Arizona, offering a great kava bar experience to visitors. With a cool and chill atmosphere, the staff is friendly and informative, making it the perfect place for newbies to the kava and kratom game.

The drinks are one of the best parts of the bar, with each option explained perfectly to help customers understand what they are ordering. While a bit pricey, it is still cheaper than drinking multiple alcoholic beverages.

The Queen of hearts drink with white maenga is a must-try, and the owner and staff are always available to make recommendations. The bar doesn’t have a price menu, but the drinks are customized based on customers’ preferences.

The welcoming staff and informative bartenders make Mad Hatter Kava the best place to learn and enjoy the experience of kava and kratom.




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