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Does Kava Show Up on Drug Tests?

Does Kava Show Up on Drug Tests?

Kava or Kava tea is a beverage made by pounding or grinding the roots of the piper methysticum plant. The milky pulp is soaked in water before being filtered into a drink. Drinking Kava can induce feelings of euphoria, muscle relaxation, and other calming effects. These sedating effect may have you curiously asking, does Kava show up on drug tests? 

NO! Kava DOES NOT show up on drug test.

Kava can be detected on many types of drug tests, but since there is no widespread testing for Kava and it’s not considered a controlled substance in the United States, it is unlikely to cause a failure on any drug test… and to that we say, thank you Jesus!

Now let’s dive deeper and take a look at how drug testing is performed and why Kava is unlikely to make your next drug test a failure. 

What are the Different Kava Drug Tests? 

There are four main types of drug tests in use today. They are the Reagent, Mass Spectronomy, Gas Chromatography, and Immunoassay drug tests. Below we will take a closer look at each one. 

Reagent Kava Drug Test 

The Reagent drug test is the cheapest and simplest form of drug testing. It is not designed to show how much of a substance is in someone’s urine but works on a pass-or-fail detection standard.  

These tests are only designed to test for one drug and chemical. It will only indicate a positive result if the substance is present. The reagent tests are the most common at-home drug tests.  

To perform a drug test with a Reagent drug test, you need to dip the strip of the drug test in a urine sample. After a few minutes, the color will change to indicate if there is a positive finding. 

Reagent tests would be able to find the presence of Kava but only if it’s designed for that purpose. Tests for Kavas are not available to the public and are only currently used in scientific research and product quality testing. 

Mass Spectronomy

This is the top end of drug testing. It is extremely accurate but also quite expensive. During a Mass Spectronomy drug test, blood or urine is broken into molecules and they are sent down a magnetic tube detector. 

After the molecules are analyzed, the results will be a complete breakdown of each compound found in the sample, even ones the testers didn’t know to look for. 

Kava will be detected during a Mass spectronomy test.   

Gas Chromatography Drug Test

Gas Chromatography (GC) drug testing has been the most common drug testing used for decades. 

During a GC test, the urine sample will be turned into a vapor and collected through a long thin tube. At the end of the tube, a UV sensor will detect the vapor coming out of it. As the vapor travels in the tube, the less dense particles will travel to the top and the denser particles will drop to the bottom and exit slower. 

The density of the particles will be measured by a UV sensor. The results will be compared to the database to determine the presence of a certain drug in the vapor. 

This drug test will be able to pick up the presence of Kava during this test. 

Immunoassay Kava Drug Test 

The Immunoassay drug test differs from the rest of the drug tests. This test will detect the antibodies produced by the body in response to the drug rather that the actual drug. 

The antibodies are tags created by the immune cells to help them recognize a compound in the bloodstream. This test will look to detect those antigens that are used for drugs or other chemicals. It can even detect them after the actual drug is out of the system. The antibodies will remain in the bloodstream for long periods after using the controlled substance. 

This is a common test used due the low cost. It can, however, produce false positives so it will need to be combined with an alternate test or performed multiple times. The test will only be able to detect a single antibody and will not be able to test for multiple antibodies or controlled substances at the same time. 

Kava will show up on this test, but only when the test is set to look for the antibodies associated with it. 

Why Do We Have Drug Testing? 

Drug testing exists to ensure employees’ performances are not hindered by the use of drugs or alcohol while they are at their place of employment. If an employee is under the influence of a controlled substance and injures one of their coworkers or customers the employer may be held responsible. 

Sports organizations have adopted drug testing as a way to ensure that athletes can compete on a level playing field.  

Do Companies Test for Kava? 

Most companies only test for illegal drugs to meet requirements for their insurance companies. Currently, Kava is not considered a controlled substance and there are no regulations in place to prevent its sale and use. Most of the drug test companies use will only test for certain chemicals or the presence of current drugs. 

There is little reason to believe a company will test for the presence of Kava if there is no requirement for it. 

Do any Sports Agencies test for Kava? 

Kava is not considered a performance-enhancing drug and is not found on any anti-doping list. Kava has not been recognized as a banned substance by any sporting organization. Its usage has not been mentioned as a reason for any sanctions placed on any athlete in the United States. 

If Kava is not considered a banned substance there is no reason for any sports organization to add Kavia to its testing lists.  

Final Thoughts

Kava is quickly becoming a popular substance to help promote relaxation and promote sleep. It can produce a euphoric feeling. Despite this, it is not considered a controlled substance in the United States. Kava is not considered a performance-enhancing drug and has not been added to any anti-doping lists. 

Kava can be detected on all of the available drug tests but there is no reason that any corporate or athletic organization will test for it. There is no reason they would need to look for it and only concentrate on controlled or performance-enhancing substances during current drug tests. 

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Comments (2)

  • Avatar
    January 6, 2023 at 7:38 pm Reply

    This article says kava will not show up on a drug test. However it goes on to state that it will show up on the gas chromatography and mass spectranomy tests. I am confused. Apparently it does show up. Could you explain.

    • masterchief
      January 16, 2023 at 1:07 pm Reply

      In regards to drug testing, the standard drug test (urine, blood, or oral swab) does not test for kava specifically. However, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS) tests are more comprehensive and can detect a wider range of substances, including kava (if they’re looking for it). So, while kava may not show up on a standard drug test, it could be detected on a GC-MS test. It’s important to note that different drug tests have different levels of sensitivity and may detect different compounds, so it’s always best to check with the specific testing company or facility for more information about their testing methods.


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